The Orthodox Sunday school of the "Mother of the Shepherds" was established in 1962. It belongs to the Fathers Christian Orthodox Church – Beit Sahour. It was called that name during the Christmas of 1989, inspired by the Holy Mother of God. The children aged between 3 and 12 years old, are supervised by a number of specialized and experienced teachers.



Children Christian education, not in the form of giving or memorizing information and materials, rather in a development and practice mechanism that introduces them personally to the Lord Jesus Christ, his work, his words; so that they grow up in love, faith, and with a relationship with him.

Main activities of the School include:

  • children2Spiritual activities: attendance and participation at the Holy Mass every Sunday and the Church feasts and religious events, where the children join the major session, carrying candles, icons, crosses and other symbols of the various feasts of the Church. They recite the Creed, and at the end of the Mass children meet with supervisors at their center to read and interpret the Bible section of the day, with educational games and competitions, they also learn the doctrine, faith and hymns, and to live in hope and love.

  • Acts of mercy: visits to the sick and elderly, help the needy and disabled ones, comfort the grieving, and others.

  • Introductory visits to holy places and monasteries, as well as historic sites, in Palestine (West Bank and 1948).

  • Annual religious educational camps.

  • Participation at the Church popular celebrations including the Virgin Mary annual march, Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday marches, and others.

  • children3Drama / Theatre and the organization of festivals and religious celebrations for children and parents.

  • Mutual visits and activities with Sunday schools of other Orthodox and Christian Churches in the Bethlehem area and beyond.

  • Encourage children to maintain their Palestinian heritage through their various talents, by training them in Dabka (Palestinian Folklore) dance and the establishment of the school's Dabka band in 1989, which participated in various religious and national festivals and events.


Children meet with supervisors every Sunday after the mass, as well as on Thursdays at their center to carry out different religious, teaching, cultural and sport activities.


The Sunday school has set up their special center in the year 2000, which includes a children's library, a meeting room, and a theater to carry out their various activities.


Children receive a free white T-Shirt in summer and a shirt in winter with the school name and logo of Faith – Hope - Love printed on the front.