The Christian Orthodox Forefathers Youth Group was founded in 1990 and currently has young men and women, from age 18 and above, who belong to and serve the Orthodox Church in Beit Sahour. Its teachings are driven from the doctrine, faith and legacy of the Greek Orthodox Church and its spiritual fathers.

Group goals: 

  • Encourage young people to study theology and Byzantine hymns, to learn about the history of the Orthodox Church, Christian history and religious sites inside and outside the Holy Land.
  • Spiritual, religious, doctrinal and social awareness and education for the young men and women.
  • Bring young people closer to the Church and to serve it.
  • Networking with Christian youth groups on the local, regional and international levels.
  • Empower and strengthen youth leadership skills, team work, volunteerism and service spirit.

Activities include:

  • Weekly meetings.Church service (organization in festivals and religious occasions).
  • Invitation of priests and professional speakers to lecture for the youth and the parish.
  • Organization of trips and visits to local Churches and religious sites.
  • Joint activities and mutual visits to local, national and regional Christian youth groups.
  • Holding an annual charitable dinner during Easter fasting.

shabiba jam


The youth group management team consists of: president, vice president, secretary, general coordinator, media coordinator, treasurer, activities coordinator and meetings coordinator.

Meetings and center:

The youth group center is located within the Church' compound, and the group meets every Friday evening at the center.